Media Attacks Romney Over Mourdock's Perfectly Reasonable Pro-Life Statement

Media Attacks Romney Over Mourdock's Perfectly Reasonable Pro-Life Statement

Well, the corrupt media is relieved tonight. Reuters dropped a bombshell on the White House in the form of newly uncovered emails that prove that as it was happening, the White House knew the attack on our consulate in Benghazi was a terrorist attack. But from what I’m seeing on Twitter and at a number of news sites, the media is much more interested in using a perfectly reasonable pro-life statement made by Indiana U.S. Senate Candidate Richard Mourdock as a weapon against Mitt Romney.

Here’s what Mourdock said in a debate tonight:

Yes, gasp and egads; Mourdock is pro-life and only believe in making an exception for abortion when the mother’s life is at stake. In cases such as rape — an act he describes as  “horrible” — he still sees the creation of life as something that is  always a “gift from God.”

Immediately sensing an opportunity to rescue Obama’s reelection by turning this into Todd Akin 2, left-wing water carriers in the mainstream media like Politico and the anti-gay BuzzFeed Politics pounced. Within no time at all, BuzzFeed took things a step further and was swarming Mitt Romney in a naked attempt to tie him up in knots over Mourdock and make the story about Romney. Will Romney continue to endorse? Will Romney remove the ad he did for Mourdock?

Meanwhile, as of right now, BuzzFeed has nothing up about the Libya emails [Update: BuzzFeed later posted the emails]. Nor does Politico.

ABC News currently has Mourdock up as its lead story, but nothing about the Libya emails on the front page.

CNN has Mourdock on the front page, but nothing about Libya. 

CBS News has Mourdock near the top of its home page, but nothing about Libya. 

I think you get my point as to where this is might be going. I should point out, though, that the indispensable Sharyl Attkisson broke the Libya email story at CBS News. She’s a superb reporter doing excellent work. Reuters deserves credit, as well. But as of right now, as far as the rest…

Smoking gun emails that add another log on the fire of proof that the White House lied to us for somewhere around two weeks about the murder of four Americans is nowhere near as big of a deal as the media attempting to play a semantics game with a perfectly defensible pro-life statement from a U.S. Senate candidate. By tomorrow, these emails probably won’t be as big of a news story as Romney’s guilt-by-association with Mourdock.

This is what the next 13 days are going to look like. And this is why those of us in New Media must be as tireless and vigilant as the corrupt media.

Trench warfare all the way — every inch.



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