Des Moines Register: Romney Optimistic, Obama Criticizes

Des Moines Register: Romney Optimistic, Obama Criticizes

President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney made campaign stops in Iowa on Wednesday, and The Des Moines Register, Iowa’s most prominent paper that endorsed Obama in 2008, depicted a stark contrast between the two campaigns.

Obama and Romney are pictured side-by-side on the front page with the respective headlines “OBAMA SHARPENS CRITICISM” and “ROMNEY EXPRESSES OPTIMISM.” 

Romney, on the stump, has said Obama is “talking about smaller and smaller things” like Big Bird, binders, bayonets, “Romnesia,” and abortion, while the former Governor has honed in on fixing the country’s economy. 

Describing Obama’s campaign appearance, the Register wrote Obama “let loose a blistering attack on Romney.” 

The Register said of Romney’s campaign, “this must be what momentum looks like.”

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