Colin Powell-Gate: Media Slams Sununu For Agreeing with Them

Colin Powell-Gate: Media Slams Sununu For Agreeing with Them

How interesting that a media obsessed with promoting the politics of identity is now manufacturing outrage over John Sununu’s stated belief that a black man (Colin Powell) is voting for Barack Obama because both are black. This is the same CorruptMedia that for five years now has pushed a Narrative that says whites vote against Obama because he’s black. Good grief, as I write these very words, the lead story at CBS News is “Will White Men Sink Obama?”

Furthermore, for going on five years, the CorruptMedia has (accurately) portrayed Barack Obama as a historic candidate that black voters (legitimately) take great pride in. This isn’t anything new. Catholic and Irish voters took pride in John Kennedy, women voters took pride in Hillary Clinton, and hometown voters take pride in hometown candidates. It wasn’t a coincidence that the only state Mondale won in 1984 was Minnesota.

Moreover, the media tells us again and again and again that women, Hispanics, blacks, and gays all vote based on identity as opposed to issues. In fact, Barack Obama has staked his entire reelection campaign on cobbling together a fractured coalition of these groups based on, yes, the identity politics of anything but the universal issues surrounding the economy, deficit, and jobs. Instead, it’s abortion, birth control, immigration, binders, and sleaze like this.

For the record, I don’t agree with Sununu’s recently retracted statement about Powell. Since 2008, I’ve seen Powell only as a media sell-out who retains his identity as a Republican because it allows him to do more damage to Republicans. But if Powell was voting for Obama based on race, I would understand why.

Black voters have every right to take pride in Obama and would surely love to give him another four years to avoid going down in history as a failure. No one’s happy that our first black president is a failure. Some of us just aren’t willing to put his personal fate above the fate of our country.  I love that America elected a black man president and sincerely wish things had turned out differently. But he blew it, and now he needs to go.

But like I said, while I disagree with Sununu as far as Powell’s motives are concerned, the  CorruptMedia’s manufactured outrage over Sununu’s comments is nothing more than a political tactic designed to hurt Mitt Romney. All Sununu is guilty of is affirming everything the media and the Obama campaign stand for when it comes to the politics of identity. So please spare me the phony anger directed at someone as misguided on this issue as you are.

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