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David Frum Cracks CT School Shooting Joke

David Frum Cracks CT School Shooting Joke


As we all know, CNN Contributor and Daily Beast columnist David Frum is really nothing more than a mercenary opportunist, and one who’s increasingly desperate for attention. But who knew he was willing to go this far after the news was released of a shooting massacre at an elementary school in Newtown, CT:

Later in the day, Frum used the pages of the Daily Beast to “explain” his tweet and to defend himself against critics:

When the news of the school shooting first surfaced, my first reaction was anger. Again? Again?! I ventilated that anger in a bitter Tweet[.] …

That tweet was (apparently) picked up and highlighted by Michelle Malkin’s “Twitchy” site. Moments later, I was receiving a long string of counter-tweets excoriating me for the supposed insensitivity of my comment.

I believe in dialogue on Twitter. I read comments, I consider them, and when I make mistakes, I correct them (to the extent I can) and apologize for them (where apologies are due).

Let me tell you what I think happened here: First off, the least of Frum’s sins is his ghoulish use of an unthinkable tragedy to push a nonsensical agenda that would ensure only criminals possess guns. All day yesterday, at the first opportunity, we saw who knows how many Leftists join Frum to scream for gun control. What’s so outrageously offensive about this is the fact that Frum and company were not really calling for the gun control they want. The subtext of those gun control calls was in reality a grotesque brag — a nanny-nanny-boo-boo, toldja so celebration around a pile of freshly dead bodies — while pretending to care.

Yes, Frum is most certainly a part of this cabal, but like I said, that was the least of his sins. Somehow he figured out a way to be even worse.

When I see David Frum, what I see is pure 100% undiluted ambition. A guy who will do anything to bring attention to himself, which is why I don’t believe for a second his appalling tweet was merely the act of a man “ventilating his anger.”

This was a cold hard calculation on Frum’s part; a crass, opportunistic way to immediately set himself apart from the noise he knew was coming. With his tweet, Frum’s conscious goal was to offend and to debase the situation so he could take advantage of it and rise above the noise. And he knew that the simplest and fastest way to do that would be to make a joke about something unspeakably awful.  

In a mind that I see as one as blinded by ambition and narcissism as anyone in punditry today, Frum knew his vicious tweet would create the outrage he would need to … respond … on the pages of the Daily Beast … because the cold-blooded murder of schoolchildren is an “opportunity” for David Frum…

Not to call attention to gun control, but to feed an insatiable desire to preen and moralize in the spotlight.


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