Piers Morgan Says He 'Admired' Andrew Breitbart, But Called Him 'Notoriously Evil'

Piers Morgan Says He 'Admired' Andrew Breitbart, But Called Him 'Notoriously Evil'

Piers Morgan of CNN has been off the rails for days in the wake of the massacre at Sandy Hook, pressing forward his full-scale gun control agenda by steamrolling guests who disagree with him, and acting as though they don’t give a whit about the children murdered in Newtown, Connecticut. Today, he took that insanity to a whole new level.

It all began when he tweeted this:

After Morgan’s original tweet, Breitbart News simply posted the tweet with the headline, “Piers Morgan: ‘Of Course’ I’m ‘Gleeful Tragedy Happened.'” Morgan took the posting of his tweet as a personal insult; he claimed that the tweet was sarcastic. Breitbart News, of course, never argued that it was not. It let the tweet speak for itself.

But for Morgan, this was a grave indignity. And so he tweeted this:

Only one problem: Morgan never respected Andrew Breitbart. In fact, he called him “notoriously evil” on CNN. When Breitbart responded, “I don’t think you know me, Piers Morgan. I think we maybe spent eight seconds together,” Morgan shot back, “It was a long eight seconds.”

Those are not the words of knowledge and admiration. But then again, Morgan isn’t exactly known for his fidelity to the facts.

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