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MSM Using Hagel Appointment To Bash Israel

MSM Using Hagel Appointment To Bash Israel


There is a movement among those in the MSM who hate Israel to use Barack Obama’s nomination of Chuck Hagel, who is no friend of the Jewish state, to bash Israel. Instead of questioning Obama’s selection of Hagel, as many have already done, these MSM anti-Zionists insinuate their anti-Israel sentiments into their supposedly objective work.

A classic example is a piece written by Marc Ambinder, TheWeek’s editor at large, titled “Why Hagel?” Ambinder first breathlessly reports his inside info from the first term of the Obama Administration: an aide to Obama informed Ambinder that Obama wanted to nominate a strong Democrat as Secretary of Defense and thus destroy the meme that only Republicans were strong on national defense.

That’s hardly news but Ambinder writes it as if it were. He follows by discussing Obama’s choice of Hagel, a Republican, to replace Panetta, noting that Hagel headed Obama’s intelligence advisory board. Then Ambinder knifes Israel this way:

There will be quite a bit of discussion in the coming days about Hagel’s views on Israel (he is more skeptical of Israel’s provocative actions publicly than many preview SecDefs, but his public views are close to the private views of many in the administration)…

And just what “provocative actions” is Ambinder referring to? Fighting the war against the Palestinians in Gaza who fire rockets into Israeli cities, hoping to kill every Jew, man, woman, and child, in Israel? Building additions to apartments in Jerusalem, which just happens to be the eternal capital of the Jewish people?

Ambinder is as transparent as most anti-Israel MSM members are. Repeat the Big Lies of Hamas, Hezbollah, the PA, the Muslim Brotherhood often enough and sooner or later, the world will abandon Israel to be destroyed. With Obama’s 2nd term and his tacit approval, these Israel-haters will be given free rein to spew their venom.

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