'We'll Get You in There': Chris Matthews Promises Support for Hillary Clinton in 2016

'We'll Get You in There': Chris Matthews Promises Support for Hillary Clinton in 2016

Chris Matthews has announced that he is already in the tank for Hillary two years before the race for the White House in 2016 even begins.

Matthews was discussing Hillary on his MSNBC show with frequent guests David Corn and Joan Walsh. Walsh observed that Hillary would not be about to run an “inevitability campaign” next time around, and Matthews replied, “If you’re watching, Madam Secretary, all three of us have brilliantideas. All of us have great ideas. And I especially put myself in thatgroup with Joan and David. We know how to do this, we’ll get you inthere.”

Matthews was smiling when he spoke and David Corn laughed out loud at the impromptu committee to elect Hillary, but the the statement still seemed motivated by heartfelt support on Matthews’ part.

Matthews runs a commentary show on a network with a progressive outlook, so it’s not surprising he would support Sec. Clinton over anyone from the other side of the aisle. It is noteworthy only because MSNBC’s brass still occasionally proclaim themselves unbiased toward any particular candidate.

In fact, MSNBC was by far the most biased news network during the 2012 election. MSNBC’s treatment of Romney was so lopsided, according to a Pew study of the number of positive and negative stories, that media reporter David Zurawik called it “a propaganda machine.” All joking aside, Chris Matthews is just one cog in MSNBC’s Hillary machine.

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