Unmasking the Left With Andrew

Unmasking the Left With Andrew

It’s almost impossible for me to believe that it’s been a year since we lost Andrew Breitbart. He was a conservative leader, larger-than-life personality, a husband, a father of young children, and a dear friend of mine for over 15 years. 

The conservative movement feels his loss deeply and his absence is noticed every day. Even in death he still has a lasting impact on the blogosphere as an innovator and champion of “trickle-up journalism”. 

Andrew was all too aware of the bias that exists in the media and fought harder than anyone I know to expose the institutional bias in Hollywood that seeps across the country. He knew the media weren’t going to tell the truth, and took it upon himself to partner with innovators in online media to grow the next generation of conservative online journalists. A legacy the whole conservative movement honors daily with each blog post and each character on Twitter.

I had the great honor to work with Andrew and writer/director Stephen K. Bannon on our documentary, Occupy Unmasked, which we announced together at CPAC last year. The film was a great success last fall when it was theatrically released not only because it was artfully done but because Andrew was such a force in shining a light on how the leaders of the left were using Occupy Wall Street for their own gain. The left went crazy about the film, and I know Andrew was smiling from above. 

Andrew’s hard work and forward thinking allowed him to embolden conservative journalists that may not have worked for him, but that had the honor of watching him work his magic. If the press wouldn’t cover a story, he’d make them cover it. He’d beat the drum, utilize all channels of online media, and create the narrative himself. 

Were it not for Andrew, the media would STILL be telling us a certain Congressman’s Twitter account had been “hacked.”

Never willing to settle and always leading the charge, Andrew turned many stories that the media wanted to sweep away into major news stories that gained national and global attention. 

It’s our responsibility to carry on his legacy, and not let Hollywood and the media get away with lying to the American people.  

We must fight, we must be innovative, and we must continue to take the left head-on. Andrew set the bar high, and it’s up to all of us to live up to it.