David Gregory Gets Sperling to Admit Obama Lied During Presidential Debate

David Gregory Gets Sperling to Admit Obama Lied During Presidential Debate

All I want from the news media is for them to treat Democrats like they do Republicans. If you’re going to tie Todd Akin around the neck of the GOP and Mitt Romney, do the same with Jesse Jackson Jr. and Democrats.

From where I sit, the media guts the political right the way a media should. That’s not the problem.

The problems is that the media almost never treats the political left with the same level of scrutiny, aggression, and disbelief. This has gotten even worse with Obama in office. The media not only aids and abets him, but zealously guards his palace.

Anyway, it’s great that four months after the fact David Gregory busts Obama for a bald-faced lie he told during a 2012 presidential debate, but this would’ve been much more helpful, you know, before the election:


In Gregory’s defense, though, the story still does matter now, and his digging into Sperling until he admits his boss lied isn’t at all helpful to the White House in our current budget battle.

And who knows, maybe something better will come out of it; maybe Gregory will remember what it feels like to be a journalist as opposed to a White House flack. 


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