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Scarborough Lectures on Civility; Blasts Ted Cruz as 'Ignorant' Four Times

Scarborough Lectures on Civility; Blasts Ted Cruz as 'Ignorant' Four Times


What would the conservative movement do without MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough to set us straight? I just wish he would let us know which side of his mouth we’re supposed to listen to.

This morning, out of one side of his unnaturally small mouth, Scarborough and his “Morning Joe” crew were all hand-wringy over vitriol in politics, vitriol that sometimes includes — bum bum bummmm! — “racial undertones!”

But also, this morning, out the other side of that unnaturally small mouth, Scarborough summoned up some phony outrage to accuse TX Senator Ted Cruz of “ignorance,” — and did so four times in about five minutes.

And I have no doubt that there are absolutely no “racial undertones” in hurling accusations of ignorance at a Hispanic — a Hispanic who graduated Harvard Law, clerked for Chief Justice William Rehnquist, and as Texas’s solicitor general argued nine cases before the Supreme Court. .

No, no racial undertones there. Because of course it is “ignorant” to ask Sen. Dianne Feinstein a constitutional hypothetical during a session of the judiciary committee. Whatever was Cruz thinking?

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By the way, my favorite part of that video happens early on when Scarborough removes his glasses David Caruso-style to show he really means business.

Watch it again and tell me a chill doesn’t go up your spine. 


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