On 'Morning Joe,' Ben Smith Doesn't Condemn Andrew Sullivan's Anti-Catholic Smears

On 'Morning Joe,' Ben Smith Doesn't Condemn Andrew Sullivan's Anti-Catholic Smears

Buzz Feed Politics’ editor-in-chief Ben Smith appeared on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” Monday, and at no time condemned blogger Andrew Sullivan for launching unfounded smears against Pope Benedict or the Catholic Cardinals.

Smith’s staff of energetic BenSmithers frequently launch sustained attacks against conservative media over journalistic ethics; and launching unfounded smears that fail to achieve even the basic level of any journalistic standard has become’s Sullivan’s stock-in-trade. For years, and with zero evidence, Sullivan publicly questioned the parentage of Trig Palin, Sarah Palin’s youngest son. Smith is also a well-known Andrew Sullivan fan.

While the issue of Andrew Sullivan’s smears never came up on “Morning Joe,” that’s due in part to the fact that Smith chose not to bring it up.

If this sounds like a silly criticism…

BuzzFeed Politics frequently criticizes Republicans for what they do not say — FL Sen. Marco Rubio is frequently targeted for not saying something.   

Because Big Journalism thinks it is important to hold the Obama Media to its own standards, we not only wonder why Smith remained silent about Sullivan’s journalistic transgressions, we look forward to reporting on the many things left unspoken by BuzzFeed staffers.


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