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Politico Columnist: NRA's LaPierre Has 'Blood On His Hands'

Politico Columnist: NRA's LaPierre Has 'Blood On His Hands'


Politico columnist Roger Simon has never been the brightest bulb in the chandelier. But he has always been a reliable bellwether for what the extreme left is thinking. And according to Simon’s Wednesday column, the left is a little freaked out over what is shaping up to be a big loss for those desperate to restrict our civil rights:

Wayne LaPierre may have more blood on his hands than Dracula, but — fair is fair — he also has the guts of a burglar.

He will say anything to advance the agenda of the National Rifle Association, which he runs, and he doesn’t worry about his critics. Under his leadership, the NRA has grown and today is one of the most feared lobbies on Capitol Hill.


“Blood,’ “Dracula,” and “burglar” all in a single sentence. Simon is so desperately bummed he’s mixing metaphors in under 25 words.

By the way, don’t be surprised if next week Simon throws up a column about how the right has to tone down the political rhetoric.

Of course the left is frustrated. They were so sure after Sandy Hook that the gun-grab was in the bag. The fascist crusade to appeal to cheap, anti-intellectual emotionalism was swift and hard. Both Obama and his media hit the ground running within seconds of the news of the tragedy breaking.

This was “never let a crisis go to waste” on steroids!

And it was more than gun-grabbing the likes of Obama and Simon had in mind. The left was just as eager to do to the NRA what they have always wanted — demonize the civil rights group to the margins.

All in, baby.

And then the demon suggested we guard school children as opposed to cook them up and eat them.

And then the assault weapons ban died.

And then the polls turned.

And now background checks are on life support.

And now Roger Simon is screaming “Dirty, bloody, Dracula burglar-man!!”

The only people with blood on their hands are those driven to ensure that only the bad guys have the most effective weapons, and that our precious children be conveniently labeled as “sitting ducks” for madmen with signs that read “gun-free zones.”


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