CNN Announces New Morning Show

CNN Announces New Morning Show

Though the speculation was that CNN primetime anchor Erin Burnett would be joining Chris Cuomo as co-host of CNN’s new morning show, the struggling cable news outlet announced Thursday that congressional correspondent Kate Boulduan will join Cuomo. Michaela Pereira will serve as the show’s news anchor

“We were floored with excitement when we saw Chris and Kate together on screen, and by adding Michaela to the mix we feel we have something very special,” [CNN chief Jeff Zucker] said. “We believe there is an opening to do news in the morning with a fresh, new voice.”


The show is set to premiere sometime in the spring and will replace Soledad O’Brien’s “Starting Point,” one of the biggest ratings disasters in the history of cable television.

FishBowlDC is reporting that O’Brien’s last day is tomorrow.

The New York Times quotes the new show’s top producer, Jim Murphy (a “Good Morning America” veteran, as saying we “will not be all politics like MSNBC is,” referring to “Morning Joe,” or “as consistently about social issues as Fox is,” referring to “Fox & Friends.”

Not being “all Soledad O’Brien” is the best move anyone could have made.


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