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Media Ignores Poll Showing Path to Citizenship For Illegals Lacks Popular Support

Media Ignores Poll Showing  Path to Citizenship For Illegals Lacks Popular Support


This is how Obama and the media got their groove together back in 2008 and have held tight to it ever since:

1. Obama wants something (to become president, ObamaCare, gun control, etc.)

2. The Media Collective gathers together and crafts a left-wing Narrative (that can last weeks or months) that aggressively pushes for whatever it is Obama wants.

3. After weeks of this propaganda push, the media then takes a poll on the issue and — lo and behold! — finds that what Obama wants is suddenly popular.

4. Together, the media and Obama then use these polls to push even harder for what they want.

5. Whether Obama wins what he wants or not, the media-buzz eventually wears off and, before long, a majority decide that maybe what Obama wanted wasn’t such a good idea. (see polls: Obama approval, ObamaCare, stimulus, gun control, etc.)

In all of this, a very big part of the media’s propaganda push is, naturally, to play up those polls that back whatever reality they are currently manufacturing on Obama’s behalf. Conversely, polls that do not backfill The Narrative are frequently ignored.

Via White House Dossier, here is a superb example regarding immigration:

More Americans believe that illegal immigrants should not be granted a path to citizenship than think they should, according to a newly released Pew Research Center poll. But a strong majority believe that some legal way should be found for them to stay, even if they don’t become citizens.

The poll suggests that the centerpiece of Obama’s immigration agenda – a pathway to eventual citizenship – lacks popular support.

Citizenship for illegals is, of course, the brass ring for the political left. The more Hispanic voters, the more votes for Democrats. If Republicans lose Texas, they will never see the inside of the White House again.

And so, because Democrats desperately want more Hispanic voters, so too does the media. Which makes the poll linked above inconvenient — it violates the Narrative Reality the media and Obama so desperately want to manufacture: The GOP is losing the culture war and the only way for them to survive is to create more Democrats!

After five long years, though, this well-oiled Obama/Media hustle might finally be losing its magic. There is not just this poll on citizenship for illegals; there is also the fact that the media’s insanely emotional propaganda push to grab our guns after Sandy Hook has already worn of.

By the way, personally, I’m in favor of an eventual path to citizenship for illegals. But that doesn’t blind me to what the media and Obama are up to.


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