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NBC News Analyst: 'Sharecropper' WalMart 'Enslaving' Workers

NBC News Analyst: 'Sharecropper' WalMart 'Enslaving' Workers


In a roundtable discussion on MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry Show, Penn University’s Anthea Butler outdid the panel of outraged socialists invited to sit and tell Ms. Harris-Perry how smart she is and affirm her position by never daring to offer an opposing view (I kid you not, that seems to be the formula for the show, way to challenge your viewers with new ideas, NBC News.)  

The discussion was aimed at attacking NPR’s recent report about disability and food stamp entitlement spending.  Though the conversation quickly degenerated into an attack on corporate America because, apparently, they are the ones at fault for increased entitlement spending all the while companies like WalMart end up being the sole beneficiaries of programs like food stamps because recipients of the entitlement spend their federal money at WalMart.  Therefore, food stamps are really just corporate welfare.  

Yes, seriously, that’s the conclusion the panel reached.  My brain is sore just from watching it.  

Eventually Anthea Butler got her chance to compare WalMart to slave-owners!  Here she likens the food stamp program and WalMart’s insistence on not paying their workers as much as Butler, Harris-Perry and the other Marxists on the panel decide they should be paying, to sharecropping.  Watch the segment:  

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