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Fox News' Ed Henry Holds Carney's Feet to Fire Over Sequester Scare Tactics

Fox News' Ed Henry Holds Carney's Feet to Fire Over Sequester Scare Tactics


This is what a White House Press Corps is supposed to do: aggressively hold every White House and president — regardless of party — accountable for their words and actions:

Partial transcript via Fox News:

ED HENRY: Can you give us an update on the sequester because yesterday, the Customs and Border Protection (INAUDIBLE) said that they’re actually postponing furloughs and overtime cuts for border patrol agents. I thought in February, when Secretary Napolitano came out here with you, she told us it was dire, these border patrol agents were going to be furloughed and that we were going to be less safe because of that.

JAY CARNEY: Well, I think both are true. What is — what is a fact is that when you’re dealing with these kinds of across-the-board forced budget cuts in the middle of the fiscal year and you’re having to make all sorts of adjustments to account for them and to reduce your expenditures accordingly, you know, it’s a moving picture. And you know, what — and that can be on the plus side where furloughs may take place a little later or on the minus side, where things may be more immediate.

Watch the video to see how heated it got. More proof Henry is a great reporter.

Though they are more than capable of going overboard at times, the media-at-large does a very good job of vetting and holding Republicans accountable. What Ed Henry just did used to happen practically every day to the White House press secretary between the years of 2001 and 2009. Moreover, there were frequent gang tackles where members of the White House press corps would coordinate to ensure a question got answered.

I didn’t hear anyone jumping in to help Henry, did you?

And these lapdogs wonder why Obama treats them like one-night stands.



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