AP: Gosnell's Assistants Just Following Orders

AP: Gosnell's Assistants Just Following Orders

A Friday article from the Associated Press seems to excuse the alleged actions of the assistants of accused criminal abortionist Kermit Gosnell as only following orders.

Author Maryclaire Dale begins her piece with that very sentiment, saying, “They say they were just doing what the boss trained them to do.”

In some cases, Dale claims that these accused assistants had a hard time finding jobs before Gosnell hired them. According to Dale, one had to work for Gosnell because she had “post-traumatic stress syndrome.” Dale excuses others because they were related tangentially to Doctor Gosnell.

For another, Dale seems to mitigate the admissions of an assistant who pleaded guilty for administering an anesthesia overdose that killed a woman from Bhutan because she was “confused” when she admitted to it.

Next, Dale seems to have sympathy for these assistants because they were “untrained” and had to work “long, chaotic days” and only “for little more than minimum wage.” And why did they agree to this? Dale portrays it this way: “for most, it was the best job they could find.”

On the one hand, then, Gosnell gave them the best jobs they could get, but the conditions and pay of his clinic were too demoralizing for their work to meet any health standards.

Dale describes another accused assistant as “angry” that Gosnell was not helping her get her medical license back after she had a nervous breakdown.

Dale does mention the allegations against each worker in passing. The assistants are accused of shoving scissors into the heads of babies born alive to kill them, they are accused of delivering drugs without a license, accused of criminal distribution of OxyContin, accused of delivering medical procedures without training or licenses, and accused of killing women that came to them for abortions. One allegedly exposed patients to her case of Hepatitis C.