Dem: Past Four Years 'Physically And Mentally Very Difficult' For Hillary

Dem: Past Four Years 'Physically And Mentally Very Difficult' For Hillary

Lanny Davis is a long time friend and supporter of the Bill and Hillary Clinton. He was the White House legal counsel during the Lewinsky years and has been a tireless advocate for the Clintons in the intervening years.  

Monday morning he joined me and co-host Brian Wilson on “Mornings on the Mall” on WMAL-FM in Washington DC.  I asked him about Mrs. Clinton’s process in deciding whether she would run for president in 2016.  Davis focused on how hard the past four years as Secretary of State had been for her:  

Davis: “She’s had a tough four years. I hope she waits until the last minute. Quite frankly, I think she needs to rest and write a good book.”

O’Connor: “What do you mean she’s had a tough four years? I mean, she’s travelled the world. Nothing really major happened… how has it been a tough four years? I would’ve liked to have that four years, except for that whole Benghazi thing?”

Davis: “Physically, mentally, it was a very difficult job. The travel… I think it’s clear that she had, physically, a difficult time at one point. She’s gotta just rest. John Kerry’s gonna have a difficult job, you’re on the road a lot. It’s very, very tiring.”  

O’Connor: “If the last four years as Secretary of State has been physically taxing on her, how in God’s name is she going to be president?” 

A good question that Davis didn’t really answer. But he did reiterate that being Secretary of State “had a physical toll” on Mrs. Clinton. 

Listen to the entire interview:  

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