Washington Post Fact-Checker Nothing-To-See-Heres White House Talking Point Edits

Washington Post Fact-Checker Nothing-To-See-Heres White House Talking Point Edits

The Washington Post hit a new low Friday morning when the same outlet that owned Watergate sent its FACTchecker Glenn Kessler out on a suicide mission to speculate that the Obama Administration talking points edit might have simply been the result of usual-usual inter-agency squabbling:

But with the release of 12 versions of the talking points Friday by ABC News, perhaps there is an alternative explanation: This basically was a bureaucratic knife fight, pitting the State Department against the CIA.

In other words, the final version of the talking points may have been so wan because officials simply deleted everything that upset the two sides. So they were left with nothing.

One wonders if  Glenn Kessler and the Post are even capable of feeling shame anymore.

This is a disgusting piece of analysis that isn’t even really that. What the Washington Post and Kessler are doing is scrambling to craft together talking points for the White House, and something that the press might accept as an explanation, for what we all know now is and was a full-blown coverup.

What is especially pathetic about Kessler’s flackery is that nowhere does he bother to mention the White House’s bald-faced lie about only editing the talking points one, and just for stylistic purposes.


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