O'Donnell: IRS Did Nothing Wrong

O'Donnell: IRS Did Nothing Wrong

Lawrence O’Donnell likes to march to the beat of a different drummer. And in the case of Wednesday night’s edition of “The Last Word” on MSNBC, he marched away from just about everyone in the media and politics by maintaining that the IRS scandal is much ado about nothing. 

I do not believe what the IRS was reported to have been doing is an outrage. I believe that the IRS agents in this case did nothing wrong. Let me say it again, you won’t hear it anywhere else: the IRS agents did nothing wrong. They were simply trying to enforce the law as the IRS has understood it since 1959.

Talk about your “nothing to see here, move it along” moment! If this ends up being the line of defense for the IRS, if defenders of the administration maintain that the IRS acted legally and appropriately, look for the tea party movement to grow even stronger and look for very loud calls for a flat tax solution that would neuter the over-reaching power of the IRS.

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