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MSNBC Analyst Breitbart Sets GOP Agenda

MSNBC Analyst Breitbart Sets GOP Agenda


MSNBC analyst Joy-Ann Reid joined host Thomas Roberts yesterday to comment on John Boehner’s call for accountability and, perhaps, jail time for individuals responsible for the IRS scandal involving harassment and denial of non-profit status to conservative advocacy groups.  

Reid asserted that the GOP House agenda seems to be inspired by or even crafted by, “right wing media”:

I think what you’re seeing is right wing media, that has taken hold among the base. Whether it’s conservative talk radio, whether it’s online, all now fused together as the Republican agenda on Capitol Hill. Right now this is not about legislating anymore, this is about John Boehner, who was seen as an outsider to the tea party movement within the party, now bringing together all the conspiracy theories, all of the fear of the Obama Administration, under one umbrella. So now we see the right wing media agenda, which we used to see as outside the purview of Washington, brought inside.

We’re pretty sure Reid didn’t mean this as a compliment, but frankly, given the Republicans’ problems with messaging, communications, and their ability to appeal to grassroots conservatives, it would be nice if Reid’s analysis was correct. 

Watch the segment here:  

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