Milbank: If You Oppose Immigration Bill, You're a Segregationist

Milbank: If You Oppose Immigration Bill, You're a Segregationist

Dana Milbank of the Washington Post compared Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) to Jim Crow-era segregationist (Democrat) Alabama governor George Wallace: “Not since George Wallace, perhaps, has an Alabamian taken as passionate a stand for a lost cause as the one Jeff Sessions is taking now.”

The tactic is familiar Alinskyite stuff, as Milbank singles out Sessions from other conservatives such as Tea Party champion Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)–no longer, for the moment, the media’s target of convenience.

It’s a highly personal and misleading attack, making much of the fact that Sessions finds himself voting in the minority, which Milbank takes as evidence that he is wrong, casting Sessions’s opposition as “petulant.”

The irony of the false comparison to Wallace is apparently lost on Milbank. Wallace famously stood in the door to defy federal enforcement of the law. Sessions is standing up to demand federal enforcement of the law.

In today’s America, apparently, that is enough to make you a racist and a segregationist.

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