Outgoing Chief Admits IRS Targeting 'Partisan'

Outgoing Chief Admits IRS Targeting 'Partisan'

In Tuesday’s testimony before the Senate, outgoing IRS chief Steven Miller apparently reversed course under some tough questioning by Republican Senator Richard Burr of North Carolina. During his testimony last week, Miller not only insisted that the singling out of conservative Tea Party groups for paralyzing harassment was not political but that it wasn’t even targeting.

During his testimony today, Miller not only stopped objecting to the use of the word “targeting,” but seemed to agree with Burr that the targeting was in fact partisan.

Miller: The second listing … in the Treasury Inspector General’s report is still problematic because it talks about policy positions, but it actually is not particularly partisan in how it talks about policy positions.

Sen. Richard Burr: So it was partisan before, though.

Miller: Yes, it absolutely was.

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