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Ted Cruz on New York Times Hysteria: 'Maybe We're Doing Something Right'

Ted Cruz on  New York Times Hysteria: 'Maybe We're Doing Something Right'


Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) said on Tuesday that the mainstream media’s hysteria over his conservative beliefs and refusal to play by Washington’s rules were signs that he was championing the right issues. 

Appearing on Mark Levin’s show, Cruz said the fact that the mainstream media hates him and the “New York Times is so hysterical about what I’m doing” suggests “maybe we’re doing something right.” 

“I ain’t here working for the New York Times,” Cruz said, noting he works for the 26 million Texans and conservatives across America that want to get back to the Constitution and free market system. The Times has been vicious, calling Cruz everything from a bully to implying he was the second coming of Joe McCarthy.

Levin noted on the show that New Jersey governor Chris Christie “gets a lot of applause and cheerleading inside the beltway for being blunt.” 

Levin wondered why Cruz, whom Levin said was “far more articulate” and adheres more to founding principles than Christie, was attacked by “various media outlets” and “pseudo-conservatives” for articulating his beliefs. 

The conservative talk radio show host said Cruz is not lauded by Washington’s elite because he is more conservative than Christie and they know Cruz does not want to be liked by them.  

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