New York Times Pulls Weiner Story

New York Times Pulls Weiner Story

Claiming they had “inadvertently” published “before it was ready for publication,” The New York Times published and then yanked a story about Anthony Weiner titled: “For Women in Weiner Scandal, Indignity Lingers.”

According to Politico, the Times’ story…

Started with the line, “Customers still taunt Lisa Weiss.”

“‘Talk dirty to me,’ they joke. ‘We know you like it.’ Colleagues still refuse to speak with her,” Barbaro wrote, according to a Google News search.

Another sentence in the article apparently said: “For those on the other end of Anthony D. Weiner’s sexually explicit conversations, the episode damaged careers, disrupted educations.”

The left-wing New York Times has been criticized by its own public editor for being too soft on the disgraced former congressman as he attempts to rehabilitate himself with a mayoral run in New York City.


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