Quiet! Media Bias At Work in Egypt

Quiet! Media Bias At Work in Egypt

As huge protests against the Muslim Brotherhood-backed government in Egypt have gone on for several days, the crowds have now swelled to an estimated 17,000,000.  That’s ‘Seventeen Million’, for those of you in Rio Linda.  

If true, these reports would mean what is going on in Egypt right now is the LARGEST DEMOCRATIC PROTEST IN HISTORY.

Why then has the American media seemed determined to mostly ignore these protests that dwarf what went on in  Tahir Square in 2011? If the protests that toppled then-President Mubarak merited the breathless, widespread MSM coverage it got at the time, how much more should these present protests be a newsworthy event?  

As Adam Baldwin reported on Twitter tonight, here’s what the MSM is ‘covering’ while these historic protests have been ongoing: 

What possible reason would the MSM have for deliberately pretending nothing much is going on over there in Egypt the past couple of days?  

Well allow ME to speculate.  


Oh hey, bad timing there, Miss. Better luck next time! 

The 2011 Tahir Square protests were part of an Arab Spring that Obama was only too quick to leap to help take credit for ‘inspiring’ with his speech in Cairo in 2009.  For some reason, the earlier Green Revolution uprising in Iran wasn’t worthy of an Obama endorsement, but when food riots escalated in Egypt & threatened to topple a longtime American ally, Obama was quick to call for Mubarak’s departure from power. 

Instead of delaying the elections so real democratic candidates could participate, Obama & Co. agreed to hold them quickly, assuring that the Muslim Brotherhood would easily win.  President Arab Spring then doubled down by declaring Morsi & his extreme Islamic organization to be American allies and has since poured billions of our tax dollars into the country in support of this increasingly oppressive regime.  

If you’ve followed the news coming out of Egypt the past 2 years, you are well aware there has been little positive to report in the areas of civil liberties, freedom of the press, women’s rights, or religious freedom.  The crackdown on Christians in the country by Muslim fanatics has been especially horrific. 

After thinking they were getting a real democracy following Mubarak’s ouster, the Egyptian people have apparently had enough of Morsi & his fanatical supporters, even if President Obama hasn’t.  

Still, the mainstream media here in America know who Obama is backing, and for this reason have not felt particularly compelled to point out a supposedly key ally in a volatile region is now facing widespread protests by millions of citizens.  

How long will the American media manage to look the other way and play dumb so they avoid embarrassing their Precious One?