What Would if be Like if Huma and Hillary Were Emailing?

What Would if be Like if Huma and Hillary Were Emailing?

At the Wall Street Journal Bari Weiss has some great satire based on the question what if Huma Abedin and Hillary Clinton were emailing each other during Anthony Weiner’s latest sexting scandal. The central theme in the satirical piece is the message that Huma and Hillary are actually scheming to shunt Weiner aside and begin promoting Huma to run for office–a conceit that many suspect, anyway.

With his satire, Weiss does a great job implying the cynicism that many feel is an undercurrent in this particular incident.

This piece depicting Huma Abedin, the beleaguered, long-suffering wife of serial sexter Anthony Weiner, asking advice of Hillary Clinton, the even longer-suffering wife of serial cheater Bill Clinton, is too delicious to skip.

Weiss has Hillary telling Huma that she should run for Mayor instead of Anthony.

“Our phone’s ringing off the hook with donors asking when Weiner’s dropping out and Abedin’s getting in. Perfect combination of stoic and vulnerable, dignified and authentic, they say. Only you could pull off that “whole lotta therapy” line. Bravo,” the faux Hillary email reads.

“Hillary” continues saying, “Hang in there. As Rahm would have said if he really understood politics: Never let a soul-crushing marital crisis go to waste. This is far from over.”

“Huma” returns message saying, “What can I say? I learned from the best. Your ’92 interview on ’60 Minutes’ was my game tape.”

“Hillary” eventually pushes Huma to run for office herself after promising a no-Clinton-fingerprints effort for Anthony’s campaign.

“Huma for mayor? Or my old Senate seat? Selfishly I’d love to have you in the White House, but it will be your call. I never make a promise I can’t keep,” the “Hillary” email concludes.

Go read the whole thing. It really is classically cynical.