Al Jazeera America's First Guest: 'Jew Baiter' Stephen Walt

Al Jazeera America's First Guest: 'Jew Baiter' Stephen Walt

The Washington Free Beacon reports that Al Jazeera America, the Qatar-financed cable news channel that launched today, has already “dashed the hopes” of anyone who believed AJA’s claims that they would  present “fact-based, unbiased and in-depth news.” AJA’s first guest was Stephen Walt, who the Free Beacon describes as a “disgraced conspiracy theorist.”

“President Mubarak was ill-informed and stupid,” Walt retorted on the air. “Then the Muslim Brotherhood was quite stupid,” he continued. “And now I fear the Egyptian military is being stupid.” …

Walt concluded his interview by noting that the only reason the United States provides aid money to Egypt is to placate the Jewish state.

The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg describes Walt as a “Jew baiter” and someone “who makes a living scapegoating Jews.”


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