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Trump: NY Mag Ailes Story 'Total Bulls**t'

Trump: NY Mag Ailes Story 'Total Bulls**t'


Add Donald Trump to the growing chorus of observers lashing out at New York Magazine‘s hyperbolic article chronicling the recent drama at Fox News surrounding the firing of Brian Lewis. 

The Donald took to Twitter to call the article by Gabriel Sherman a “hatchet job:” 

Trump joins Fox News star Greta Van Susteren and Rush Limbaugh who both went on the offensive Wednesday in response to the Sherman hit piece. 

Greta took to her Fox News blog to write: 

I do think in a perverse way this stuff about Roger Ailes being isolated and Brian Lewis the #2 is all silly but it is another perfect example of why anonymous sources are so full of ****. You all know I hate anonymous sources unless it is national security. Who gets fired at the #1 cable news network (yes, that is FNC) is hardly national security. Let me do the unthinkable and go ON THE RECORD (I am not afraid….I have a long term contract for prime time even though the crazies, the anonymous sources, have me booted long ago! Ha!)

Meanwhile, Rush told his 10 million plus audience

Roger Ailes doesn’t need a right-hand man. I mean, all of this is a little bit trumped up. I’m not denying that this guy Brian Lewis worked there, don’t misunderstand. I’m not saying that he wasn’t important, ’cause I didn’t know him. That’s a whole different story. I mean, I don’t know a whole lot of executives at Fox. It’s not that I know everybody and have heard of this guy. I don’t know hardly any of them. But Roger’s never talked about this guy to me. I do not know, did not know he existed, and yet it’s being portrayed that Roger cannot face the day without this guy. I just wanted to assure everybody that Ailes isn’t alone. I know a lot of you are Fox News devotees. Ailes isn’t alone, and it wouldn’t matter if he was. He can handle it.

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