Schultz: If Your Kid Plays Grand Theft Auto 'You're A Lousy Parent'

Schultz: If Your Kid Plays Grand Theft Auto 'You're A Lousy Parent'

MSNBC’s Ed Schultz took aim at video games Tuesday night by holding up the latest release of “Grand Theft Auto” as an example of “violent” video games that theoretically contribute to mass shootings like the Navy Yard rampage on Monday. 

“It’s got stealing cars, shooting people, and beating up hookers. If you’re a parent and you allow your son or daughter to watch this – even if they’re beyond 18-years-old, you’re a lousy parent in my opinion. You play a role in this. We all play a role in this.”

At least the left is consistent in their desire to whittle away at American’s individual, God-given, constitutionally-protected rights.  Just this year they’ve tried to take a hatchet to the 2nd amendment with “gun control,” the 4th amendment with NSA snooping, the 7th amendment by trying to re-prosecute George Zimmerman when they didn’t like the verdict he got and of course the 9th and 10th amendment is assaulted with Obamacare. 

So, why not go after the 1st amendment as well?

Watch the MSNBC segment here:  

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