CNN Anchor: Founding Fathers Would Oppose Defunding ObamaCare

CNN Anchor: Founding Fathers Would Oppose Defunding ObamaCare

Thursday, CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin argued that because “it’s a law,” the GOP is working against the intent of the Founding Fathers in their attempts to repeal ObamaCare:

Apparently, Ms. Baldwin is unaware of other laws that have been overturned, even though they were “laws.”

Baldwin’s shockingly ignorant statement about the Constitution is all part of CNN’s ongoing war against the GOP as the network circles the wagons to protect ObamaCare and Obama’s left-wing agenda.

Keith Koffler of the White House Dossier had this to say about CNN of late, and nails it:

The news business has sunk to an abysmal depth. Nobody has any money, competition is fierce, and corners are cut everywhere you can find them. “Reputable” news organizations take one source and run a major story on the information as if they were sure it was fact. The old news saying – If your mother says she loves you, check it out, is a quaint anachronism.

Washington journalism has become sports coverage, with the focus mainly on politics. Speculation and opinion color every news article. I mean, I do opinion within my pieces, but I don’t claim to be objective.

There are consequence to this, and you see it in the White House coverage. Why do you think so little news gets broken out of the White House? It’s partly because reporters still get weepy when they hear the words of the Messiah, of course.

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