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Ezra Klein Knew ObamaCare Site Had Problems Weeks Before the Launch

Ezra Klein Knew ObamaCare Site Had Problems Weeks Before the Launch


ObamaCare’s number-one media cheerleader, the Washington Post’s Ezra Klein, admitted yesterday that, weeks before the disastrous launch of the ObamaCare website, he was hearing “some very ugly things about how the system was performing[.]” Klein says he didn’t do any reporting on what would have been a very big scoop because he couldn’t “nail the story” down and “there was a wall of official denials from the Obama administration[.]”

If Klein couldn’t confirm the rumors, he was right not to report on them. No one is questioning his judgment in that regard. But I sure would like to hear more about who in the administration dishonestly happy-talked his inquiries. It would also be nice if Klein — who disguises himself as an objective reporter — would start to show some serious skepticism towards a White House that he now knows mislead him in a very serious way.

There was a time when politicians paid a heavy price for misleading the media.  All this administration hears, though, is crybabying from a media that will never-ever make Obama pay a price, even when he lies to them.  



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