Politifact: Ezekiel Emanuel 'Mostly False' to Blame Insurance Companies

Politifact: Ezekiel Emanuel 'Mostly False' to Blame Insurance Companies

Politifact–not exactly a right-wing outlet–gave Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel a “mostly false” rating for his statement on Fox News Sunday Nov. 3 that insurance companies, not Obamacare or President Barack Obama himself, were responsible for individuals losing their health insurance coverage. “The insurance companies are making that choice, not the president,” Emanuel thundered defiantly on the program. “The law does not require that.”

The problem, as Politifact explains, is that the law does require that existing plans comply with new standards, or be canceled: “[T]here’s little doubt the new law is influencing their changes in coverage.” So while insurance companies technically “decide” to cancel policies, they have no choice. (The White House says these policies are junk, but that’s not necessarily true, either.) 

“Mostly false” is one step above the “pants on fire” rating.

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