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Tapper Hits Time Editor Over Fat-Shaming Christie Cover

Tapper Hits Time Editor Over Fat-Shaming Christie Cover


Thursday, on “The Lead with Jake Tapper,” Tapper laced into Michael Crowely over a Time cover story that is obviously meant to mock newly-elected New Jersey governor Chris Christie’s weight. Crowley didn’t write the story or choose the cover, but he is an editor at Time and made the mistake of trying to defend the cover.

Tapper said to Crowley, “Defend it. Because we’re trying to teach people, kids especially, don’t bully, don’t make fun of people if they look different. And this is … rude.”  

Crowley parsed and stumbled, but Tapper didn’t let go. Watch the full segment below: 

Even though there are dozens of entities within the mainstream media who are supposed to compete with one another, they do not. It is one big elite club that dares not criticize the other — unless of course, someone steps off the left-wing reservation. Bob Woodward outing Obama as a liar regarding sequester, for example. The media see one another as fellow crusaders for big government, so no one upsets the apple cart.

Even though he is already considered one of the most objective journalists out there, Tapper’s willingness to call a colleague out in this way is still worthy of note. On top of that, both CNN and Time are owned by Time-Warner.

More of this kind of accountability within the fraternity would be very good for the media.


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