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ABC News' Moran Gushes over 'Historic,' 'Unprecedented' Iran Deal

ABC News' Moran Gushes over 'Historic,' 'Unprecedented' Iran Deal


On ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos, foreign correspondent Terry Moran made clear that he was in love with the potential deal between the west and Iran that would loosen sanctions in exchange for Iran doing virtually nothing. “What a whirlwind of talks it’s been!” gushed Moran. “Just a few hours ago there was this huge anticipation, even a giddiness in some diplomatic circles that this historic, first step confidence building deal was about to be done.”

But then Moran found the culprit for the talks falling through: the French. “And what happened as you point out? Well, the French happened. As Secretary Kerry concluded marathon talks directly with Iranian officials, unprecedented sight there really, the French stepped in and said this proposal wasn’t tough enough.”

Moran then clarified his own perspective on the deal: “Make no mistake, George, it is historic in proportion and will change that region.”

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