CNN's Bourdain and Lemon Defend Gun Rights, Legal Gun Owners

CNN's Bourdain and Lemon Defend Gun Rights, Legal Gun Owners

Following the November 10th season finale of CNN’s Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown, Bourdain joined CNN host Don Lemon for dinner and discussed his penchant for guns and the upstanding people he met in red state America.

Bourdain focused on a segment titled “Gun Culture” from the New Mexico episode of the show. Regarding that segment, Bourdain said: 

Those people in the segment, as many people in red state America–in gun country America–these are nice people. They like guns. As a matter of fact, I’ve gotta admit, I like guns. I like holding guns. I like shooting guns. 

Bourdain said we shouldn’t compare the U.S. “to Great Britain or Europe” or other places that differ from us on gun laws: “It doesn’t help, we’re not them.” 

Lemon concurred: “Those people who you were out shooting with–those were law abiding citizens who were trained for guns and respect them. They’re not the people going into malls and shooting people.” 

When another guest at the table brought up their belief that we need expanded background checks, Lemon said, “The people who own guns illegally on the streets–they’re not going to go for background checks.” 

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