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BuzzFeed Smears Fox News' Andy Levy With Out-Of-Context Video

BuzzFeed Smears Fox News' Andy Levy With Out-Of-Context Video


After working feverishly to reelect Barack Obama by, among other things, covering up the truth about ObamaCare until after the election and vetting Mitt Romney’s garage during, it is obvious that BuzzFeed is now switching gears to feverishly elect Hillary Clinton. BuzzFeed has eagerly joined the rest of the media in this creepy cult of personality around The Woman (Politico is still the creepiest), and in order to do so, BuzzFeed is — and certainly not for the first time — showing no interest in truth or context.

Instead of vetting what they chose to disseminate from something called The Representation Project, the left-wing BuzzFeed just went ahead and published as fact a YouTube that makes it look as though Fox News’s Andy Levy made the serious claim that throughout history “women haven’t done that much.” Below is the video BuzzFeed posted. Levy can be seen at the 1:50 mark:

But if you watch the full “Red Eye” segment, which is posted here, it is glaringly obvious that Levy was being sarcastic. And if you are at all familiar with Levy’s work, you know that sarcasm is an art form he has perfected. The fact that Levy was being sarcastic is not even arguable. It is fact.

The YouTube out-and-out smears Levy, and by extension so does BuzzFeed.

If past is prologue, though, BuzzFeed will either ignore their smear or claim it’s all good in a dismissive har-har post titled The Truth Behind The Video That Smeared Andy Levy.


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