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John Harwood Laughs Off Reporting of Exploding ObamaCare Deductibles

John Harwood Laughs Off Reporting of Exploding ObamaCare Deductibles


John J. Harwood covers national politics for CNBC and The New York Times. Monday, The Times and Wall Street Journal both published in-depth reports of the sky-high deductibles working and middle class Americans are suddenly facing in the ObamaCare exchanges. Via his verified Twitter account, Harwood dismissed this reporting:

First ObamaCare disrupts and unsettles the lives of millions American families by cancelling their health insurance. Then these folks, many of whom are not wealthy, are forced into the ObamaCare exchanges where they are faced with the loss of their doctors, increased premium pricing, and exploding deductibles that range from $5000 per individual to $12,000 per family.

In any economy, much less this one, that kind of inflation can be the difference between the average family making it to the next paycheck, or not.

But John Harwood har-hars the reporting of this fact as though he honestly doesn’t understand the difference  a lower deductible and a higher deductible can make for a working or middle class family.

The empathy gap between the elite media and what everyday Americans face grows wider by the day.


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