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ABC News Story Hides Guns in Candy in Classroom to Push Gun Control

ABC News Story Hides Guns in Candy in Classroom to Push Gun Control


On January 27, ABC World News aired a segment on kids and guns in which they placed two unloaded handguns on a table and drew children to them by telling them there was candy where the weapons were.

Diane Sawyer introduced the video as part of a report on “groundbreaking news” based on a Yale University study on “American children and guns” that claims every hour one child in America ends up in the hospital as a result of gunshot wounds. 

Sawyer’s co-host David Muir narrated an experiment at an elementary school in Florida where seven hidden cameras were set up in what appeared to be a first grade classroom. They showed the kids NRA Eddie Eagle videos on gun safety and had a policeman talk to them about avoiding guns. 

They then placed two unloaded handguns on a table “and [told] the kids they [were] there for a memory test.”  The teacher then told the kids she had to leave the classroom “for a second, but that there [was] candy on the table.” There were numerous toys and crayons on the table, as well. 

After the teacher left the children alone in the room for approximately ten minutes, two of the kids who had migrated to the candy, crayons, and toys picked up one of the real handguns and looked at it from all angles.

The camera then panned back to Muir and Sawyer in the studio, and Muir suggested parents ask their neighbors if they have “a gun in the home” and “whether it’s locked, loaded, or put away.”

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