CNN's Don Lemon No Longer Tired of Talking About Race

CNN's Don Lemon  No Longer Tired of Talking About Race

CNN’s Don Lemon, a left-winger who disguises himself as an objective cable news anchor, told actor Morgan Freeman just a couple of weeks ago that he was tired of talking about race. This immediately ranked as one of the greatest whoppers every spewed on CNN, which is saying a lot. 

Lemon isn’t tired of talking about race. The truth is that he obsesses over race and sexuality; Lemon’s an identity politics junkie who has actually broke down crying over CNN’s airwaves after Obama said something precious about race. Lemon was just patronizing and sucking up to an Oscar winning actor who really is tired of discussing race. 

Lemon is so addicted to identity politics, he couldn’t even keep his “tired of talking about race” charade up for two whole weeks. Writing for almost exactly two weeks after his interview with Freeman, Lemon posted a column arguing the word “Redskins” is the same as the N-word

Oh, and the morning after Lemon interviewed Freeman, this column of Lemon’s posted. 

Don Lemon is as tired of talking about race as I am talking about CNN’s imminent collapse.