NYT Urges Obama to 'Go Big' on Executive Actions for Amnesty

NYT Urges Obama to 'Go Big' on Executive Actions for Amnesty

When President Barack Obama vowed to change as much of the nation’s immigration laws as he could on his own, the New York Times took him at his word. 

Relieved that Obama has now “freed himself to do what he can to fix the broken-down system” the Times editorial board urged Obama to “go big” on executive actions in a Thursday editorial

The Times urged Obama to give the millions of illegal immigrants already in the country “permission to stay, to work and to live without fear” and “scale back the deportation machinery.”

They also want Obama to give amnesty to the parents of DREAMers and parents of children who are born in the United States to illegal immigrants, end Secure Communities, and create more sanctuary cities.

The Times‘ wish list did not end there.

They urged Obama to “make it easier for family members of citizens to seek green cards without having to leave the country for three or 10 years,” grant more guest-worker visas, and give illegal immigrant children who are flooding across the border lawyers and caregivers so they can qualify for asylum. 

“It’s about time,” the Times said, of Obama’s declaration that he will change as many of the nation’s immigration laws as possible on his own.

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