5 Takeaways From CNN's Selective Editing of Steve King

5 Takeaways From CNN's Selective Editing of Steve King

First you have to watch CNN’s selectively-edited hit job on Republican Rep. Steve King:

1. Naturally, CNN chose not to broadcast the entire video — those portions where Rep. Steve King eloquently articulates why America’s rule of law is central to our success and the illegal activists confronting him can only sputter platitudes as a response.

Breitbart News published the entire video yesterday — you know, because unlike CNN we’re not afraid to give our audience the full truth and context.

2. Naturally, CNN doesn’t inform its viewers that the woman and man confronting King are practiced political activists, as opposed to the emotionally tortured victims of one of the most liberal and generous immigration systems the world has ever known.

3. CNN actually, and for the first time in months, did something honest. It’s not in the above clip, but after anchor Carol Costello played the selectively edited video, CNN’s congressional reporter Dana Bash debated Republican Kevin Madden. Bash is in reality a left-wing activist and I for one applaud CNN for finally advertising her as such. 

4. Carol Costello needs to stop setting the spray tan machine on “Oompa Loompa.”

5. CNN’s selectively-edit hit job on King is yet more proof that if you want respect and balance from CNN you have to be a terrorist fighting for the extermination of Jews.

 If you oppose Barack Obama or the legalization of millions of Democrats, CNN will destroy you.

Terrorists get a fairer hearing on CNN than Republicans, and that’s a fact.

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