Sheriff David Clarke: Mainstream Media Has Become ‘Propaganda Machine’ for the Left

In a recent interview with Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, I asked him why he thinks the media promotes black liberal writers, like The Atlantic’s Ta-Nehisi Coates or Slate’s Jamelle Bouie, who argue that the persistent problem of black criminality has no place in a discussion about police and community interaction even though young black man routinely commit a disproportionally large amount of crimes in the U.S.

“The mainstream, they’ve become the propaganda wing of the Left. They are the propaganda machine, they support this movement because they are Leftists themselves,” Sheriff Clarke said. “The media knows that race is a very decisive and explosive issue in the United States of America. There’s money to be made off of playing the race card. There’s political power to be had off of playing the race card. And the media is only interested in selling news papers. Covering stories about race gives them copy and footage along this leftist line.”

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