UH Students Receive 6 of 800 Debate Tickets

Photo Courtesy: Texas State Senator Paul Bettencourt

My San Antonio.com reports that of 800 available tickets for the University of Houston, only 6 wentto students. “A university spokeswoman said 14 of those tickets went to UH regents, President Renu Khator and ‘special guests.’ The remaining 11 were distributed to students, faculty and staff through a lottery that hundreds entered.”

Over the past few debates, the allocation of debate tickets has become a focal point in the light of the behavior of the debate audience, which has loudly jeered and even booed frontrunner Donald Trump while loudly cheering establishment favorites Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, and Chris Christie.

Throughout these debates, Trump has effectively used the audience as a foil, accusing them of being paid lobbyists and rent-seekers in bed with the Republican Establishment. Trump has gone so far as to accuse the Republican party of stacking the debate audience with special interests.


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