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The difficulty of opposition


Conservatives are taking a while to rally to the cause after Obama’s re-election. It’s not that we’ve lost faith in our ideas; it’s that we’ve lost some faith in the country.

It’s helpful to remember that America has made it through tougher times; that the country was far more left in the 1960s and 1970s; that Obama won largely on personality and machinery, not policy or leadership.

And yet given all that is already known about Obama’s beliefs and his poor job performance, it’s still striking that the country chose to re-elect him. 

Many of us regarded the 2012 election as possibly the last chance for the nation to redeem itself. After losing a battle with so much at stake, it is tough to rally. Hillary Clinton’s now-infamous line–“What difference does it make?”–could describe the attitude of many of those who worked hardest for Obama’s defeat.

Opposition is a tough slog. Yet it is a necessary duty. Reality will not allow the Obama administration to evade the consequences of debt, or the consequences of a lax foreign policy of appeasement. 

It is up to us to defend the country, even if it appears somewhat less exceptional than we had once hoped, both because it could yet prove greater than even we have imagined, and because it is, after all, our country.

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