EPA: Job Killer

Last year I wrote about how we have evidence of government agents actively working against
Americans and their livelihood. It’s an entire government agency, in fact.  Conversation-readers, meet the Environmental Protection Agency. 

Today at the Chamber of Commerce’s Free Enterprise blog Sean Hackbarth writes on the EPA closing a power plant in Texas:

You might remember my ongoing “It’s Great to Have a Job…” series of posts about how EPA regulations are causing power plants to shut down and workers to lose their jobs all over the country. This news from Corpus Christi, Texas is along the same lines but has a few wrinkles. First, the Las Brisas Energy Center would have been powered by petroleum coke–a byproduct of refining crude oil–not coal. Second, this power plant was only on the drawing board. It was having difficulty getting air and water permits before starting construction. Except for those working at the project’s financing company that’s shutting down, nobody lost their job.

This doesn’t make this news any less outrageous. The project, backed by both the business community and labor unions, was supposed to create up to 3,900 jobs over its five-year construction, then directly and indirectly support as many as 275 jobs as the plant operated. The chance to create all those jobs is gone, and EPA is much to blame.