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Beltway Media Drones Accept Menendez' Evasions


When Breitbart News’ Kerry Picket asked Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) about the reported FBI investigation into allegations that the senator used a house of prostitution populated with underage girls in the Dominican Republic his response was that he “wasn’t going to dignify that story” with a response. 

That indignant evasion hasn’t stopped Picket, Matthew Boyle and other NEW media outlets from pursuing the story, but it seems to be sufficient to force mainstream journalists from the networks and beltway political rags into a fetal position. It’s a good thing the Capitol rotunda is in the form of a circle or else you’d see the gaggle of reporters with NBC News credential cowering in a corner there. 

At what point do the boring news outlets in DC decide at an ongoing FBI investigation into an underage sex scandal connected to an FBI raid resulting in a dozen vans of evidence being carted away warrant a question or two? 

 To paraphrase this site’s beloved founder: The American people don’t hate the media because their biased, we hate them because they suck.

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