Binge-Viewing Recommendation: Castle

In response to Binge-viewing:

I’ve been a fan of binge-viewing since my wife bought the first season of Lost. Anyway, I recently started watching Castle which is a one hour police procedural show starring Nathan Fillion. When this show came on in 2009 something about it didn’t appeal to me. But having watched about two dozen episodes I’m hooked.

Castle is basically a remake of Moonlighting. If you remember that show from the 80s it was Bruce Willis and Cybil Shepard working together at a private detective agency. The show was actually a romantic comedy with murders as a backdrop. The real underlying story was whether or not the two would ever confess their feelings for one another before someone killed them.

Castle has the same basic setup. A pretty detective (Stana Katic) whose partner is not a cop but a successful crime writer foisted on her by the Mayor. Every week they solve a murder but the real story is the relationship between the leads. It’s cheesy fun with a lot of references to nerd/pop culture in the dialogue courtesy of Fillion. Don’t expect dark humor or sitcom humor of the kind you’ll find on Archer or Big Bang Theory. I’d say it’s fun more often than funny but it has a certain zany charm, again reminiscent of Moonlighting.