How Dana Perino Saved My Daughter

My daughter gets off the bus.  “Mom, guess what?  I schooled my teacher today.”

Me: “What did you do?”

“We were talking about Ancient Mali and I told her they made money from salt, gold, and slavery.”

Me: “Okay.”

When the teacher questioned her about “the slave trade” she said, “yeah, Africans were selling slaves to Arabs long before the white man.”


An hour later, “Mom, you really don’t believe in the First Amendment.”

Me: “Of course I do.” 

“You make all these rules about what I can and can’t say and when and where I can say it.  That doesn’t sound like Freedom of Speech.”

Me: (Stupid Look)

“I’m just sayin.”

Me: “When you get out of my house you can have all the Free Speech you want.  But even then, you are a representation of your upbringing so you better act like you got some damn sense.

(Schooled) I think.

I’m watching The Five and wondering if I need to nip this ‘know it all’ attitude in the bud when Dana Perino comments about her tendency as a child to always talk back, always speak up, and question everything.  She said it was good practice and preparation.

I looked at my daughter and smiled.

Her: “Why you smiling at me?”

“The possiblities.”