Weed May Lead to a Conservative Majority

In response to 420 For the GOP: Iowahawk, I totally agree. And in the famous words of Andre 3,000, “Marijuana illegal but cigarettes cool, I might look kinda funny but I ain’t no fool.” 

The GOP should take Cuccinelli’s lead. The prohibition on pot produced the same faux free market for marijuana that the 18th Amendment did for booze. Let’s face it, weed is aplenty, cheap and easy to find. Drugs are winning the War on Drugs. And most marijuana laws are as ceremonial as immigration laws. There’s also an opportunity here with voters 18-40, that the GOP is once again sleeping on. And at least two Democratic lawmakers are reading the electoral tea leaves. 

The party of small government should practice what it preaches. State and local governments should be free to regulate drug laws as they see fit. 

And for the so-called Religious Right, who might disagree, I leave you with this: 

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